Master Slave Clock

  • Nippon 1010R

    Nippon RTC

    • The Master/Slave clocks finds application in processes where time synchronization is required.
    • The MASTER clock can be connected to computer on RS232 port which is a serial data transmission.
    • The SLAVE clocks are connected to the master on RS485 port which is a parallel data transmission.
    • The range available is HOURS: MINUTES: SECONDS or HOURS: MINUTES. The clocks are available in 99 HRS: 99 MINUTES: 99 SECONDS. The state of art microcontroller assures time accuracy of 0.01 %.
    • The clocks in the network displays the same time simultaneously.
    • The maximum slave clocks possible on the network are 32.
    • The Time and calendar configuration can be easily adjusted as per the user requirements.
    • The user friendly GUI works on Windows XP/2000 platform.
    • Master – Slave time selection is optional either manual or by PC.
    • Display height available is 2 “ or 4 “ with red color and time tick LED indication.
    • The instrument has EMI / RFI filters for harsh electrical environment sustainable capability.
    • The instrument is designed with two/four relay outputs for process control or ALARMS.
    • The power supply given to the device is 230 V / 50 Hz AC.
    • The instrument is housed in MS powder coated enclosure having size 425W * 175H * 100D.
    • Instrument finds application in PHARMACEUTICAL, PROCESS, AUTOMATION, MACHINE TOOL…etc…