Process Indicator/Controller

  • Nippon 1016A-Multipoint Temperature Indicator

    6-Point temperature indicators are available in Nippon 1016 and Nippon 1016A. Six point selection switch is available to select the channels. The selector switch is heavy duty and zero contact resistance.

  • Nippon 2020D Digital Temperature Controller

    Setpoint and process both are displayed simultaneously. The process display is 12.5mm height.
    The setpoint display is 8mm height. The power supply is 90-260 VAC.
    1. ON-OFF Control: Relay is on upto the set temperature and cuts off at the set point. System temperature will come down and again relay will go on at temperature 2 °C below the set point. Same function is repeated. Adjustable dead band is provided for specific application. Time-Proportionating Control : Relay will be ON and OFF in band of ±2 °C of set-point. ON-OFF : time will adjust as per the heat requirement of the system. Of course total time cycle will be of 15 seconds.
    2. 4½ digit Temperature Indicator/Controller Nippon 2020A.
    3. Contact factory for supply volts of 90 – 260 VAC & retransmission output

  • nippon 3 1/2 digit

    Digital Panel meters are available in Nippon 1010D The instrument is used to display various process parameters like PH, conductivity, rate, voltage, current etc… 24 VDC is available for 2-wire transmitters

    Nippon 1010 & 1010A are 31/2 digit and 41/2 digit Digital Temperature indicators respectively. They are widely used for accurate and quick measuring applications in engineering, chemical, food, Pharmaceutical Industries R & D Departments and Laboratories

    • Highly accurate and reliable.
    • Glass Epoxy single board design.
    • Thermocouples, R.T.D's and other inputs.
    • Wide temperature range.
  • Nippon Blood Bank controller

    UN2000 is used in this application. TEMP/TIME Based control is designed for BLOOD BANK CHAMBERS . Compressor is switched ON & OFF considering
    SET TEMP & TIME. Compressor is on upto the set point, below the setpoint it gets.

    Once the compressor gets off & if temperature increases above set point it can get ON only after the DELAY TIME.

    The delay time is also programmable.


  • Nippon Dual Channel Bargraph Indicators

    BAR 2000 series a hightech range is giant step in measurement technology. BAR 2000 has 2 channel BARGRAPH displays. The instrument finds application in measurement of LEVEL,
    FLOW, VOLUME, WEIGHT, TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY, % SPEED and any other process parameters. The continuous comparison of two process parameters is now easy for INSTRUMENTATION DEPART

  • Nippon Large Size Display Units

    Display Size : 150 mm height

    Display Type : L.E.D. Matrix,
    High Intensity red L.E.D 's

    Box :Wall mounting weather – Proof Box

    Design : Microcontroller based,
    Slave Model for HC 2000,

    Applicaton : Annunciation, easy to read from long distance 150 mm hei

  • Nippon Linearised Temperature Indicator

    Nippon 1010M is linearised temperature Indicator. Thermocouples like Pt / Rh (R, S), B are used for wide & high temperature ranges. EPROM linearisation helps to trace the temperature curve accurately. The
    Indicating accuracy ±1 °C is achieved for the entire TEMPERATURE range. Refer Table – 1 for the range / accuracy. Instrument is widely used in Glass mfg., metal Treatment, furnace & laboratories… etc…

  • Nippon Multi set point indicator / controller

    • Single input
    • 8 set points
    • 8 relay outputs.
    • 96H X 192W DIN Size
    • Modular design
  • Nippon Volume Lavel Indicators & Controllers

    Universal Process Indicator / controller is widely used for measuring level & in turn volume. Arithmetic capabilities of “microcontroller” is used. Level is measured with help of level transmitters, the Cross Sectional area of the storage TANK is to be programmed in the instrument. Instrument will calculate VOLUME of the liquid present inside the tank. The formula used is VOLUME = HEIGHT x A

    The above instrument along with NIPPOLOG can provide excellent INVENTORY MANAGEMENT for LIQUID STORAGE Tank.

    Level Control can be achieved using control functions of the instrument.

  • Nippon Weight Indicators & Controllers

    Load 2000 is used for accurate weight measurement & controls. Load 2000 provides precise excitation voltage to the load cell.

    The load cell o/p is measured & displayed. Instrument is provided with 2-Relay o/s.

    S.S.R. o/p is provided for faster CLUTCH/BRAKE operations.

    Load 2000 is widely used in Dozing, Packaging, Textiles, Winding …etc…where accurate WEIGHT measurement is