Signal Isolators

  • Nippon ISOXR

    nippon ISOXR Series is high performance Signal Isolators. The signal Isolators provides excellent isolation between Input & output Signals. This provides noise free isolated signal to the system with accurate conversion fact

    nippon ISOXR Isolators are housed in ABS molded din rail enclosures. Once again the indigenous R &D offers cost effective solution

    • A/D and D/A conversion
    • Data Transmission
    • Transducer Interface
    • System Isolation
    • DCS, SCADA, Data Aquisition
    • PLC, AC drives
    • Industrial Process C
  • Nippon ISOXRD

    Nippon ISO XRD
    Outputs : 2 Isolated o/p's provided
    Isolation : I/P, O/P1, O/P2 and Supply all are Isolated from each other
    Note : Other specifications same as table

    Contact factory for multiple Isolated outputs