Embedded systems

Embedded systems


  • Remote Monitoring systems for Equipments
  • Process automation solutions
  • Process Algorithms
  • Communication Interface between 2 systems
  • Product design for OEM's
  • Customized Application software

At Nippon Technologies , we also work in the field of communication and Embedded systems. We provide solutions and seekd to create new values by enhancing features and communication capabilities of equipment as well as develop software to interact with them. Our domain includes design and development of electronic circuits, firmware and software.

Some Proven areas of our performance are:

Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) for Equipments. RMS can interact with Equipment through various communication channels like serial / parallel ports, telephone line, internet and even the web. It can acquire and analyze data as well as manage contents and operations of Equipment.
We have developed RMS software for a renowned Japanese company for their FAX machines. It has been launched in USA and in Europe supporting European languages viz: German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish. We have also developed RMS solutions for other equipment like UPS and X-Terminal. In case of UPS, we developed hardware and firmware on UPS-side as well as RMS software on Host-side.

PROCESS AUTOMATION: We have developed Process Monitoring Software of which there are several installations in Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. We also have experience of developing an automation system for testing Aircraft engine.

PROCESS ALGORITHMS: We have developed an algorithm for detecting foreign object in sterilized equipment, which is being regularly used by renowned Pharmaceutical Companies. We also have algorithmic solution for signal analysis of Chromatograph and other Analytical Instruments. At present we are engaged in developing PID control algorithm with auto-tune feature for some specific applications.

COMMUNICATION INTERFACE between 2 third party systems. For example, we developed a driver that runs on PLC's co-processor module and interacts with level monitoring system on PLC on other. In another complex project, we have developed software which provides a low level link between Leak Detection System and SCADA.

PRODUCTS FOR OEM's: We have designed and developed products for OEM such as Micro-controller Programmer, Display Systems and RS-232 to RS-485 CONVERTER.

At present we are developing wireless interface for instruments micro kernels for embedded systems and applications for mobile devices.

OS: Windows, UNIX, Linux. VxWorks, VMS, Novell Netware Embedded.
OS Embedded Linux, windows CE, VxWorks Mainframe IBM 4361.
DEC Protocols IP based: SMTP, POP, FTP, PPP, SNMP.
Wireless: GSM, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, CDMA, 3G, WLAN, others: HDLC, T.30 Device drivers Networking, Flash, UART, USB Programming: C, C++, C#, Assembly, XML, cHTML, Java NetVC++, COM+, Activex, ASP.
Databases: SQL, Oracle, Access.
Micro Processors: 8 / 16 / 32 bit Intel, Atmel, Zilog, Motorola, Processors.
Electronics: Analog and Digital circuits Electronics ananlog, and Digital Circuits.