Nippon 6060


Nippon 6060

Nippon 6060 Is an accurate digital speed (R.P.M.) indicator for measuring R.P.M., rates per minute…. etc It is widely used in centrifuges, stirrers, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipments, digital read outs, control panels, drives, textiles,
chemicals plants…. etc

  • Wide range from 10 to 9,999 R.P.M.
  • Accepts inputs like proximity switch, photo sensors, voltage pulses…
  • P.L.L. Multipliers and quartz crystal timebase.
  • Accuracy ± 1 R.P.M.
  • No mechanical moving parts.
  • Specifications
  • Design Features

Proximity switch, photo sensors, voltage pulses, 60 tooth gear wheel etc.

RANGE A)150 to 9,999 R.P.M. in normal case.
B) Lower limit can be reduced by factor n if n pulses in one rotation.
C) With 60 tooth gear wheel 10 R.P.M.
DISPLAY UPDATE After every second i.e. 1 second.
DISPLAY 4 digit bright easy to read seven segment L.E.D.
PRINCIPLE P.L.L. Multipliers
SUPPLY 230 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz.
BOX SIZE 48H x 96W x 180D in mm modular design, or 72H x 72W or 96H x 96W

An output coming from a transducer is filtered, signal conditioned and chopped. Finally it is converted into square waves. The square wave is passed through RLL multipliers. This output is gated by a precise time base generated through piezo crystals and then counted. This counts are displayed on bright LED's .... It's nothing but R.P.M. with accuracy of±1 R.P.M.!!!

A) RLL circuitry requires minimum 2.5 pulses per second i.e. 2.5 x 60 = 150 R.P.M. It's lower limit. If more than one pulse is given in one rotation then lower limit is reduced, eg if 2 pulses in one rotation than 75 R.P.M. i.e. If n pulses per rotation can give measurement of 150 * R.P.M.
B) 60 tooth gear wheel can give R.P.M. upto 10.