Nippon Humidity Indicators/Controllers


Nippon Humidity Indicators/Controllers

Nippon HC 2000 is a brainchild of Nippon Technologies. State-of -the-art micro controller design is a high performance solution for various HUMIDITY applications. It accepts two 4-20 mA inputs. One for Humidity and another for Temperature. Generally the signal comes from humidity transmitters.

  • Typical applications
  • Humidity Chambers
  • Pharmaceutical & Clean room applications.
  • HVAC
  • Storage rooms, Cold storages and Ware Houses.
    Building Automation & Green houses
  • Specifications

From Humidity/Temperature Transmitter. (Dry / Wet bulb input available on request)

Display 2 sets of (4+4) digit diaplay.
Upper for Temperature and lower for Humidity
Range Humidity 0 to 96.0 % RH
Temperature -20 to 80.0 ºC, depending on type of Transmitter.
Resolution Relative Humidity 0.1 RH
Temperature 0.1 ºC
Output 2 Relays.
A) Humidity Control: One relay for Humidification, second for relay for Dehumidification.
B) Temperature Control: One relay for cooling (Comprosessor / Blower), Second relay for Heating (Heater)
Control Accuracy ± 3 % for Humidity /
± 0.25 % for Temperature