Nippon Presetable Timers 4040


Nippon Presetable Timers 4040

Nippon 4040-B and 4040 are unique digital Presettable timers with and without battery backup facility. They are used in plastic moulding machines, Chemical Plants, Textiles, Pharmaceutical machines, ovens, dryers, furnaces, scientific and laboratory equipments. . . .etc. . . . where accurate t ime measurement and control is required.

  • Quartz Crystal time base having accuracy 0f 0.01%
  • Bright Display.
  • Bright easy to read Display.
  • Time counting in Seconds, fraction of seconds, minutes,hours available.
  • CMOS IC's used for better reliability.
  • Specifications
  • Principle
Range 0 to 99, 9999, Seconds / Minutes / Hours fraction of seconds
Time Base Derived from QUARTZ CRYSTAL.
Accuracy repeat accuracy of 0.01%
Display 2, 3 or 4 digit bright Seven segment display.
Time Setting By Thumbwheel switches.
Logic Delayed On, Delayed Off, Auto reset.
Output O.E.N. relay rated at 230 V/6AMP.
Supply 230 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz
Supply Voltage 230 VAC± 10%, 50Hz, also available 90-260 VAC on request.
Box Size 96H X 96W X 180D, mm DIN size box with modular cards. (72W X 72H also available)

Quartz Crystal' generates its own frequency. Which is divided by CMOS frequency dividers generating accurate time base. This signal is given to synchronous counter which drives display. The elapsed time is continuously compared with reset time. At the set time output is generated from driving relay.

The relay can be operated in 'Delayed On', Delayed Off, 'Auto reset' modes as per the application.