• Bayonet Thermocouples

    • J (Fe/K) or K (Cr/Al) or T
    • Wide variety of immersion lengths, shapes, sizes, styles & mounting arrangements.
    • Single & dual element probes
    • Measures Temperatures at cross head, die & barrels.
    • Also available for direct Plastic-melt temperature measurement.

    • Compensating grade
    • Extension grade
    • Wide variety of insulation

    • 3-wire / 6-wire
    • Spring loaded
  • Custom Engineered Sensors

    • PT46 RTD
    • Steel Head
    • Flanged Head
    • PCB Termiation
  • Disposable Tips

    • R, S, B Type thermocouple tips
    • Temperature upto 1800 c
    • 5 – 6 readings / Tip
    • Provided with extension / hold pipe
    • Widely used in steel plants
    • Peak Temperature indicators provided
  • Placeholder

    Embedded systems


    • Remote Monitoring systems for Equipments
    • Process automation solutions
    • Process Algorithms
    • Communication Interface between 2 systems
    • Product design for OEM's
    • Customized Application software
  • Gas

  • Handle Probes

    Chromel / Alumel Thermocouple: Immersion air, Needle, Teflon coated Immersion, Heavy Duty Leaf (800ºC ), Standard leaf, Heavy duty immersion, Fast response exposed type, Fast response immersion, Smithy, Penetration & Bow probes.

    RTD Type PT100: Immersion, Teflon coated immersion, Fast response immersion, Needle, Penetration & Air Probes. These handle probes are designed for pocket Thermometers

    (nippon 1000).

  • High Temperature Sensors

    • Pt/RH thermocouples
    • 26 / 25 / 24 SWG Pt/RH elements
    • High Temperature Re-Crystalised Alumina Ceramic Tube
    • Widely used in Furnaces, Glass, etc
  • Industrial overhead-crane synchronization & automation

    The over-head crane has 2 arms, which are to be synchronized for filling hot liquid aluminium in the furnace.
    The assembly involves 2 incremental shaft encoders, which are coupled with the DC motors. The position of individual crane is as per the setting done on the controller. Each arm is first positioned as per the sequence. The vessel containing the hot liquids are tilted to be filled in the furnace.

  • Level-volume controller of liquid-filled tanks.

    To determine the amount of liquid present in the tank, the Ultrasonic transmitter is used. This generates a 4 to 20mA output signal, which is given to instrument. The display indicates the height of the liquid in the tank. By using the volume formula, the volume of the liquid is also displayed. The retransmission output related to volume is given out for SCADA software package for further processing.

  • Load-cell based powder-filling machine control:

    The costly powder material cannot be filled in the sacks by volume, it requires weight-based measurement.
    Here the load-cell is used for precision weight measurement. The load-cell signal is digitized by 16 bit / 24 bit ADC's. The hopper, contains a powder to be filled, has a crew, which is controlled by clutch & brake assembly. The VFD controls the speed of filling.

    Thus hardware requires the Analog input & digital outputs along with the timers for continous cycle.